The Thematic house by Charles Jencks


I fell into a post modernist internet hole this afternoon when I ( slightly late to the party) discovered "The Return of the Past: Postmodernism in British Architecture" exhibition at the John Soane's museum. Its on till the 27th of Aug 2018 and is free so there is still time to pop down if post modernism is your thing.

Learn more here,

In my internet meander I stumbled across The Thematic house  - featured in this post . It is the home of architecture critic, designer and advocate of postmodernism Charles Jencks. Designed with the help of  Terry Farrell of TV-am television studios , see more over on somewhere I would like to live

On a side note I was interested to discover that Charles Jenk's created the garden of the Scottish national gallery of modern Art which I was at just last month , see more

Enjoy a little post modern through the key hole below ... some images were found at Russian architectural digest

Emily Alston