Former Residence of Prince Asaka

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Next trip on the list (I'm hoping) this year is Tokyo. If i do make it I would make sure I stopped by the Former Residence of Prince Asaka which is now the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum. The beautiful architecture of the building is by Gondo Yokichi of the 'Works Bureau of the Imperial Household Ministry' ( this make me want to set up a business called 'The works Bureau of the imperial household ministry' hell of a URL ..and I digress) Its the interiors that make my heart sing here, despite or because they are empty rooms. The walls still seem to tell a story. The finishings and materials are wonderful. The interiors where concieved by Henri Rapin

'The Prince Asaka Residence is, thus, itself a work of art, the result of the enthusiasm of the prince and princess and the combined abilities of Japanese and French designers, architects, and craftsmen.' 'via teien-art-museum

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Emily Alston