Lucas y Hernandez-Gil


Lucas y Hernandez-Gil create beautiful spaces and furniture. Their most recent project CASAPLATA in Seville featured below is no exception. Its lovely to have them on board today answering the Makers Q & A.




How important is your working and home environment? ... for example is the work you make reflected in your personal space?

For us it is truly important. We are convinced that space has a psychological aspect and it is capable of impacting on the person living within it.

What do you think has informed your personal aesthetic? 

It is the result of constantly working combined with a curious watchful eye.

Do you collect anything/ have a favourite object?

Yes, we collect books. Our favourite object is the Cesta Lamp by Milá. 

Are you coveting anything particular at the moment?

We would like to have a drawing from the artist Elena Alonso.

What is your opinion on taste and style?

We do not have a particular style but we approach every project with the same attitude, as these projects become a reality this attitude is always realised in a new way.  

Regarding taste this is an important part of convention and culture relating to social and historical context, and the other part is crafting with sensitivity and natural elegance, that is what we try to achieve in every project.

Are you interested trends, both in and out of your field?

We like to be informed about what is being done because it reflects our general interests. But you always have to do something different so you can follow your own way.

Do you have a dream project or client?

We like to think about the next project and client would be the dream one.

Do you have a project that was a turning point in finding your creative path?

We see it as a constant work.

How important is collaboration to you?

It is really important for us. Our work is always the result of teamwork: collaborators, builders and craftsmen. 

Where is your favourite place to be?

Pego Beach in Portugal. 

Form, function or fantasy?

We would like our projects to have a bit of all three. 

CASAPLATA in Seville

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