This Show & Tell was originally posted on the original Muse & Maker site in 2012.

What is your Show & Tell object?

I have chosen two jigsaws from my collection, which happen to be my favourite. Both wooden and both illustrated by the excellent Fredun Shapur. The London themed puzzle was designed for Galt Toys, whilst the other was for their U.S equivalent Creative Playthings. I have carbon dated them to the mid 70s.

Where did you acquire them?

I found one in Dorset at a car boot sale and the other one was from Ebay. 

What makes your chosen object special to you?

I love Fredun’s work and in a way he seems to be have been overlooked slightly compared to other illustrators from the late 60s to 70s. It seems that these are fairly hard to come by, so they feel special in that sense. One was purchased whilst on a sunny trip to the seaside, it holds that memory. Mainly though I just like looking at them because they are so bright and graphic. I also really like plywood.

Does your chosen object say anything about your sense of style, or your personality?

That I like neat, colourful things & am relatively simple.

Are you coveting anything particular at the moment?

Yes! I am always coveting several things at any given time. It’s the internets fault. I would love an old Creative Playthings catalogue which Shapur designed, a desk with built in terarrium by Mieke Meijer would be ace,  a shop space I saw last week which was a bit out of reach & also an old Ford Prefect 107 that my dad bought that he won’t let me buy off him.

If you were re-incarnated as an object or piece of furniture what would you be?

I think to come back as a piece of Lego would be excellent. You would be bright, colourful & never lonely. Every day you could be something different and you would always be a useful provider of fun to someone.

Where is your favourite place to be?

I am always very happy at flea markets, like a dog at a fair. Also anywhere that serves food.

Clutter or minimalism?

Minimalism but with a few brilliant things that give it some character. 

Future or past?

Definitely the future because I haven’t done any of it yet but I really really want to.

Emily Alston