Stefi Orazi

Photograph ©  Christoffer Rudquist    This interview was originally published in May 2012

Photograph © Christoffer Rudquist

This interview was originally published in May 2012

Stefi Orazi runs a london based practice with a focus on print and exhibition graphics. Alongside commercial work she also has a keen interest in Modernist architecture which manifests itself through her online shop: Things You Can Buy and also her blog.


What is your Show & Tell object?

My stamp collection.

stamp spread 1.jpg
stamp spread 2.jpg


Where did you acquire it?

I started collecting the odd stamp when I was still studying for my degree.

When I got my first job out of college (1997), at Graphic Thought Facility I discovered that Paul Neale (founder) was an avid stamp collector too! So we talked about stamps and did geeky things like go to Stampex and Philympia. The stamps I collected are really beautiful — like little works of art, mainly British and from the 60s when David Gentleman was head of design for Royal Mail. But I eventually ran out of nice looking stamps to collect a year or so later.

What makes your chosen object special to you?

GTF’s studio used to be in the Clerkenwell Workshops, when there were still a lot of craft and light industrial companies there. There was a bookbinder in the studio next door to us, and I commissioned her to make me the album, so it’s always felt like precious object, but it also reminds me of a really happy time in my life, I had just moved to London and I was in a great flat and had a great job. Happy memories.

Does your chosen object say anything about your sense of style, or your personality?

I’m not sure! It probably says something about me being a bit obsessive and getting into things that aren’t very cool. Or maybe cool in their own way.

Are you coveting anything particular at the moment?

I’ve been after this David Hockney print for a while. I lost out at an auction last year. But there’s another one being sold at Christie’s in a weeks time, I might just put a cheeky bid in.

If you were re-incarnated as an object or piece of furniture what would you be?

Probably some weird Memphis style light like the Tahiti Lamp by Sottsass 



Where is your favourite place to be?

In the Barbican gardens on a sunny day.

Clutter or minimalism?


Future or past?





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